I like helping others to feel better, to free themselves from bodily and emotional pain, with a multifaceted understanding of the body using massage and acupuncture, with gentleness, depth and precision.

Come visit me at my office in Caen.

Modalities Available – Selected According To Your Needs:

Traditional Chinese Medicine

 Personalized and comprehensive care using the full spectrum of Chinese techniques:

Full Body Intuitive Massage

Based on Swedish techniques
but used intuitively

Pregnancy Massage

Support from the first trimester
to the end of pregnancy and post-partum

Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

For the seasoned athlete or weekend warrior

Focused Massage

Detailed massage for a part of the body in need

Craniosacral Therapy

Subtle and gentle osteopathic based technique

Chi Nei Tsang

Ancient Taoist Monk Abdominal Massage

Foot Reflexology

Application of pressure on specific reflex points of the feet


Facial massage using classical Japanese techniques


I highly recommend Lyn. Her professionalism, her numerous skills in holistic body treatment, her varied professional techniques (massage, acupuncture, herbal food supplements, etc.), her softness and her empathy, are now, in my opinion, essential to manage my body’s ailments.


Lyn knows how to listen and make a good assessment like no one else. She was able to solve my concerns with a combination of different treatments such as nutrition, massage, moxa, acupuncture and Chi Nei Tsang.

Being followed by Lyn brings me a real balance in my health because she is able to understand your concerns from many angles at the same time.


When I got to Lyn’s house I was in pretty bad shape… no energy, completely drained. Thanks to her pertinent questions, her professionalism and her gentleness, she made me aware of a probable protein deficiency.

Also, thanks to her expert touch and her perfect knowledge of the human body, she was able to detect the atrophy of a badly healed leg muscle that no doctor had told me about.

I took all her advice seriously. I went to my GP who diagnosed a severe deficiency and prescribed rehabilitation sessions with a physiotherapist.

The sessions with Lyn are intense and complete, not only thanks to her tailor-made massages I come out of them relaxed, but also thanks to her I’ve become more conscious of my diet and I feel so much better. She is for me a precious coach of the organism.


I’m so glad that I finally found Lyn. I am American and have lived in France for 13 years. One of the few things I really missed about the US was a great massage. French massages seem to focus on skin care and relaxation.

I am used to using massage as a tool for working on tight muscles and misalignment. I tried many different people in France and was always disappointed.

Finally, I found Lyn. That was two years ago and although Caen is an hour from where I live, it’s worth every mile. Lyn is a professional who knows her business and keeps learning. She is always friendly and helpful. Her space is immaculate and comfortable. I always book an hour and a half but I would book a full day if only I could! She is incredible.


Gifted with remarkable listening skills, she will always adapt the modality of the day to the feeling you describe at the start of the session, while taking into account the major pathology for which you will have consulted her at the start. She will be constantly concerned with your well-being during the session, then with the effectiveness and the result of her care during the next session.


Lyn’s sweetness, but also her dynamism made the sessions, at the end of which I feel lighter each time, very pleasant.

I am now weaned from sugar, I have lost a few pounds and, the icing on the cake, my menstrual cycle has become much less painful.


I was so fortunate to be treated these past few months for physical side effects due to an autoimmune disease by Lyn. What I find in Lyn’s massages is a true softness, a great respect of the body and all its wounds and a real mastery of gestures, the handling and a beautiful quality of listening. Thank you Lyn.