Pre and Post Natal Massage

I believe the more we support the mothers of the world, the better the world will be.

This massage helps relieve the stresses of pregnancy but is also simply wonderful for any pregnant woman to enjoy.

With over 25 years of experience as massage instructor and practitioner, I welcome pregnant women at any stage of pregnancy (as long as it isn’t considered high risk or are any contraindications as diagnosed by a physician). I don’t massage the abdomen during the first trimester or if it doesn’t feel right at any phase of the pregnancy. I also offer post-natal massage to help your body readjust to its non-pregnant state and soothe any residual discomforts from the birthing process.

What are the benefits of pregnancy massages?

  • There is no greater moment for a pregnant woman than to receive nurturing touch, at any stage of pregnancy.

  • Helps reduce fatigue

  • Reduces edema in the legs

  • Alleviates sore hips and back pain

  • Enhances a woman’s connection to her changing body and baby.

  • Research has proven that the hormones produced during a relaxation massage enter into fetal circulation, benefitting the baby as well as mother.

What to Expect

Using pillows and a cushion specially created for use with pregnant women, the body is supported in side lying for the ultimate comfort.

It is a full body massage, using unscented organic oil and lotion. The body is covered by a sheet, except for the part of the body being massaged. Long flowing strokes follow the contours of the body. Specific areas of tension can be tended to as well.


Lyn Martel has been with me through all stages of my pregnancy, showing incredible caring and compassion from her magical bodyworker genius hands.

Her hands are sensitive and intuitive. My whole body was completely relaxed after each massage, I highly recommend her.

 I am 8 months pregnant, and I really needed a massage to relieve all the pregnancy-related pain. Lyn is truly amazing, it’s the best massage I’ve ever had. She listens and has all the necessary equipment to make pregnant women comfortable, and I’m not talking about a simple pillow, she has multiple cushions, most of which brought from the United States. She precisely feels the painful areas without us having to tell her and she spends the necessary time on the area to provide relief. I highly recommend it, it is gentle for relaxation yet firm enough to relieve pain. I have already made another appointment, thanks to her the last month of pregnancy will be much smoother.

Lyn is a very pleasant and experienced masseuse. Thanks to her, I had a great time which allowed me to greatly reduce my back pain. She also gave me good advice for my diet and posture during my pregnancy. Her massages are varied and precise, I recommend them to any pregnant woman (and not only). I’m already looking forward to having another session with her.


I met Lyn Martel by a very happy coincidence at the beginning of my pregnancy, when I was looking for an experienced, sensitive person who knew Chinese energetic techniques, to help me feel good in my body. I might as well tell you that Lyn’s work is precious and that she is truly talented. Thanks to her work I feel peace and tranquility in my body, I free myself from deep tensions, everything circulates better, and this virtuous cycle brings me more energy, confidence and joy. I sincerely recommend to those who wish to treat themselves or give a nice gift to make an appointment with her.


The techniques used have no therapeutic or medical aim. They have no sexual connotation.