Lyn Martel

No one thing is good for everybody; most advice needs to be individualized.

Where does this vocation come from?

I was born with a sense of service to others. Helping people gives me great satisfaction in life. It creates a gratifying sense of community and connection.

I love the sensation in my hands as I do massage, the way a potter loves molding clay; the chatter of my mind quiets as I focus and become present with my client and their particular form, feeling the texture of the skin, muscles and tension patterns.

I have always had a natural affinity for massage and a curiosity of how the human body works.

I enjoy listening, observing and trying to find the source of a problem using scientific principles and traditional belief systems.
I love getting to know my clients and seeing the improvement that can happen over time.

Regardless of my sense of service and love of touch, my greatest teacher has been in healing from my own injuries (there have been many). Being in pain can disturb one’s morale, energy and happiness. Every time I recuperate from a trauma or disease (often through the help of another) it has fueled my desire to help clients with similar issues and has created an internal understanding on how the process unfolds.

Personal History

I was born in Detroit Michigan. I earned a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Nutrition and Medical Dietetics from the University of Illinois, but felt incomplete with only knowing this aspect of health and disease.

Following a traumatic ski injury, I enrolled in an extensive massage program in Santa Fe, New Mexico where I learned basic and advanced massage techniques and more importantly, how to cultivate presence, intuition and listening in my touch. Because I was recuperating from a second surgery, I also learned about the difference between high quality specific touch and therapists who only went through the motions.

In addition to immersing myself into many styles of massage, my journey through over 26 years in the healing arts has lead me to becoming a cranio-sacral therapist, physical therapy assistant, acupuncturist and massage instructor.

In 2003 I met and fell in love with a wonderful man from Caen while on vacation in Europe. He moved to the US in 2004, we got married, then had a beautiful daughter while I was still acupuncture school. In 2016 we decided to move to Caen to enrich our daughter’s and our lives with French culture and family.

I continue to feel inspired and love integrating all that I have learned into providing
personalized sessions adapted to the needs of my clients.

My philosophy

I believe that the body is a sum of our experience, containing layer upon layer of our physical and emotional experiences.

I work in a holistic way, which means I use a combination of techniques to reieve chronic aches and pains, support injury management, support pregnant women throughout their pregnancy and help my patients make informed lifestyle choices.

It is usually a combination of appropriate movement/exercise, food, work, play and sleep that optimizes our health. Not too much, nor too little.

To live in balance, periods of excesses need to be balanced by periods of recuperation.

In most cases of pain there is a lesson for us behind it, but it doesn’t mean we’re meant to suffer.

I search for the root cause of pain and disease whether it’s from a Western perspective or using the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

My ideal massage includes all the feel-good wholesomeness of a relaxing massage with time to attend to specific areas as needed.

I believe that every choice we make can heal the individual and the planet. I prefer to use organic products whenever possible not only to avoid introducing chemicals into someone’s body and the environment, but also because it supports farmers who ascribe to a philosophy of sustainability.

We all have a story to tell through our life experiences and it is usually mapped in our bodies.


Lyn is an exceptional masseuse with many years of massage and acupuncture experience. Her sessions are truly a deep healing experience! She takes the time before the session to understand your needs and your symptoms. She adapts each massage to your current state and the massage is both restorative and relaxing!

Thank you very much Lyn!


Lyn is competent, professional, attentive and very empathetic. Her only concern is to do the best for the well-being of those who come for specific treatments, energetic or otherwise. His massages are well targeted. She heals your ailments with her hands, and relieves your mind of the disorders that encumber you…with her little American accent that makes you travel. Thanks Lyn.


Lyn is very warm, her voice and her smile are relaxing and she is really very professional, she takes her time and we can see that she is passionate, that she wants to help. 20/20!!