Food Therapy

Chinese Medicine includes nutritional therapy to support a healthy state. It also recommends certain foods according to the seasons and your personal constitution.
I blend the ideas from Chinese Medicine with my knowledge as a dietitian to support your dietary choices to optimize your health goals.

What are the benefits of a good diet?

While accepting this advice isn’t obligatory, I find there are times when including certain foods or avoiding others could:

  • Enhance your ability to decrease inflammation and pain
  • Digest better

  • Feel more energetic

  • Recuperate from cold/flu

  • Sleep better

  • Have cleaner skin

What To Expect

Depending on the level of support you are desiring regarding your nutritional habits, detailed questions will be asked about your typical diet and food preferences or aversions, during your initial intake.

Sometimes advice is integrated as needed during your treatments.


I decided to be followed by Lyn Martel, because I needed to be supported on a sugar detox, to allow me to feel less dependent and make dietary changes. Lyn accompanied me with acupuncture and belly massage. It really helped me free myself from stress and it made me stop compensating for sugar.