Meridian Massage

For those who would like to benefit from the energetic effects of Chinese Medicine but are reluctant to have needles inserted.

This is a full body massage following the meridians that correspond to your personal constitution according to 5 element theory of Chinese medicine.

What are the benefits of a Meridian Massage?

  • Relaxing

  • Unblocks stagnant energy

  • Balances energy flow

What to Expect

A full body massage, using oil, lotion and essential oils (optional). The body is covered by a sheet, except for the part of the body being massaged.

Long flowing strokes follow the contours of the body and follow the direction of the meridians to enhance and harmonize Qi (energy) flow.


Lyn knows many manual care techniques, she has developed a diversified practice and her experience is lengthy. She can approach disorders in a generally beneficial way, in particular within the framework of complex pathologies, resistant to conventional or recurrent manual treatments.


The techniques used have no therapeutic or medical aim. They have no sexual connotation.