Foot Reflexology

Reflexology comes from the root “reflex” or “reflect”, meaning like a mirror image. There are several areas of the body which act as mirrors to our whole body: the feet, hands, ears and abdomen to name a few.

Each of these parts of the body contains zones which can sometimes show or reflect the relative state of harmony in another part of the body. Reflexology is the application of pressure these specific areas on the feet, hands, or ears which corresponds to different body parts, organs and systems. Stimulating these zones or points can therefore benefit a person’s health in that part of the body and help induce a deep overall relaxation.

What are the benefits of Foot Reflexology?

  • Cleanse the body of toxins

  • Boost the immune system

  • Increase circulation

  • Promote healing

  • Balance energy

What to Expect

During the session one can stay dressed but it is best to arrive with loose fitting pants or shorts. Lying on your back, the relaxation starts as your feet are first cleaned and wiped with warm towels (with essential oils added optionally).

Your feet and lower legs are gently massaged  with a cream to warm and prepare them for the more focused pressure of  zone stimulation. The pressure is firm but always done within one’s tolerance. Tender spots are stimulated to release tension and metabolic waste build-up. The treatment is followed by long relaxing strokes to sooth and help disperse local soreness.

Drinking water following the treatment is advised to help eliminate toxins and lactic acid build-up that occurs during the massage.


A feeling of lightness and relaxation in my feet after this treatment. A very good discovery!


The techniques used have no therapeutic or medical aim. They have no sexual connotation.