Pricing options to match your needs

Individual sessions

Session duration Price
30 min 50 €
60 min 80 €
90 min 110 €

Multi-session packages

Package duration Price
5 – 30 min sessions 200 €
5 – 60 min sessions 350 €
5 – 90 min sessions 500 €

All first sessions are preceded by an intake of 15-45 minutes to clearly understand your needs and goals. Plan on your first session taking this additional time e.g. a session of 60 minutes plus 15 minutes of interview time will take 75 minutes (but will only be charged for 60 minutes).

All sessions can be integrated between modalities as time allows (example: full body massage with craniosacral therapy added at the end, or a meridian massage with deep tissue into the back).

Payments must be made on the day of the session and by cash or check only.

I do not accept any credit or bank cards.

Multi session packages must be paid for in full on the first day that the package starts.