Face it – Face and neck massage

A comprehensive and deep face and neck massage.

Our face is the theater of emotions, reactions, identity, communication… and it is oh-so-satisfying when we can allow it to rest fully, to receive and to let go.

As this is a facial massage, it does not include use of a moisturizing mask or exfoliant.

What are the benefits of facial and neck massage?

  • Rejuvenate

  • Relax your jaw

  • Reduce headaches

  • Release eye tension

  • Let go mentally

  • Reduce neck stiffness

  • Reduce sinus congestion due to allergies or a head cold

What to Expect

It is best to arrive without having applied make-up. After the face is wiped with a warm moist towel, an organic base oil is used to massage the face and neck. Organic essential oils may be added to the base oil as an option. A light textured cream may be used instead of oil for skin that is prone to blemishes or acne.

Slow and enveloping massage strokes are gently used to induce relaxation and prepare the face and neck for deeper and more detailed contact, as is desired by the client. Sometimes points of tension are held, patiently, to allow the body and mind the time it needs to let it unwind and release.

This facial massage differs from a Kobido treatment, in that the intention is for relaxation and relief of facial tension, vs. lifting, plumping and firming the skin. It can include a scalp massage, or not, as you wish.

The techniques used have no therapeutic or medical aim. They have no sexual connotation.