Intuitive body treatment
Based on classic Swedish massage

A personalized full body relaxing massage, based in classic Swedish massage strokes, adapted to the individual needs of a client.

What are the benefits of Intuitive massage?

  • A wonderful opportunity to reunite with our whole self and receive nurturance.

  • Instead of a protocol that is done to you, the pressure, areas of focus and rhythm are done with you in the moment and throughout the session.

  • Allows for the release of tension, pain and unconscious holding patterns that consume the body’s energy.

  • Unwinding bound up tissues dissipates fatigue.

  • Feels incredible.

What to Expect

A full body massage, using organic oil, lotion and essential oils (optional). The body is covered by a sheet, except for the part of the body being massaged. Long flowing strokes follow the contours of the body and are blended with strokes that are more vigorous or deep according to the clients’ needs.

These massages can be given in a concentrated part of the body for when an area needs a concentrated and detailed focused attention.


Each massage experience with Lyn is unique. Before the session, an interview of a few minutes allows Lyn to think of a massage that is totally personalized and adapted to the needs of the moment.

I particularly appreciate belly massages, which, while being very dynamic, provide lasting relief.


Mastering various manual therapies with particular skill, capable of deepening them depending on what she observes, she knows how to flush out and identify unknown blockages.

She therefore offers personalized care during each session, for the well-being of her client, that is adapted to the initial objective. So she can succeed where others have failed.


I was very satisfied with your massage, I felt relaxed, rested and calm. I recommend Lyn to people like me who have cancer. She is very attentive and adapted her massage to meet my needs, a big thank you; I will continue my appointments to help me face this damn disease.


The techniques used have no therapeutic or medical aim. They have no sexual connotation.